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04 آذر 1396 - 25 Nov 2017


  We are so glad that our country made an agreement with the "5+1" group and as a result sanctions are about to expire.

  First of all it would be useful to review Iranian agriculture and its need to absorb new technology and equipment like machinery, irrigation systems, pesticides, fertilizers, seeds etc. which have to be acquired up to the year 2016.

  More than 16 million hectares of farms need about 200 thousand units of machinery like different kinds of tractors, combines, choppers and only 20 percent of this amount is provided inside Iran. Also Iranian government has to increase the greenhouses to 50 thousand hectares which is only 7 thousand hectares now.

  Shortage of water because of misuse in agriculture section is a vital problem in Iran and that is why government will pay for 85 percent of the expenditure needed to install up to date irrigation systems on behalf of farmers to solve this problem. It is necessary for more than 2 million hectares of farms to be equipped with pressurized irrigation systems.

  There are only 2 private companies and one public organization that provide hybrid seed which is highly needed and there is shortage of modified seeds in Iranian agriculture section.

  There is a major use for pesticides and all kinds of fertilizers which most of it is imported to Iran as final product or raw material.

  Up to the year 2016 Iranian agriculture section has to produce 150 million tons of agricultural products which is now about 120 million tons and importing agricultural inputs is necessary for providing it.

  Iranian consumers prefer organic and IPM products and it is the reason that organic fertilizers like vermicompost and organic pesticides are highly on demand.

  Investing in agriculture section is increasing by both Iranian and foreign investors and these companies need experienced consultants to guarantee their work.

  Iran accepts investors in agriculture section and our country has all kinds of climates for different kinds of products. You can find the four seasons' climates together in one season inside Iran.

  We hope that international agreements make cooperation easier between Iranian agriculture section and foreign companies and investors and result in introducing Iranian market as one of the most talented markets in the global village.